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Hassle-free run on the most used desktop system.

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Bundled in a notarized app, for a quality desktop system.

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A signed binary release for Linux, including for live TailsOS session.

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Bugs or unexpected behaviours can be reported to the dedicated issue tracking system in Github.
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Send us an email describing what you're seeking within uniblow.
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Run from source code

Uniblow is open source, and written in Python. It can be run on a huge variety of computers systems.

This online document will help you to run Uniblow on many Linux systems from the source code.

For development purpose, see the next Develop section.


Uniblow is open source. Anyone can read the source code, and build binaries. This document provides instructions to build uniblow on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Find info about how to run uniblow from the source code, and make modifications on its code base.


The uniblow software can also be used integrated in your services, as it provides a unified, multi-platforms and blockchain agnostic programming interface to manage many different wallets and blockchains.