A new paradigm in desktop wallet

A universal blockchain wallet for cryptos.

Multi chains

In one place you get a wallet for many blockchains : ETH, BTC, MATIC, SOL, BSC, DOGE, LTC, and more ...

Move or receive tokens in a snap.

Use with any Dapp through WalletConnect.

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Fast and easy to use

Don't expect to get advanced settings for the transactions or the fees, just click. Uniblow provides an easy and basic wallet, focused on universality and ease of use, working on multiple blockchains and desktop platforms.

Uniblow is a single package, requiring no installation, no login, no onboarding, no EULA, no KYC. it is focused to provide an efficient desktop crypto wallet.

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Can work with well-used mnemonic and keys derivations path standards.

Compatible with the most famous crypto-wallets : TrustWallet, Electrum, Metamask, MyCrypto,....

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A one-stop solution for your transactions.

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Safe and reliable

Uniblow comes from multi-years experience in the crypto-wallet field. Security is not an option. All your data are protected at rest by state-of-the-art encryption that only your password can unlock. All the cryptographic operations are done by fast and secure libraries from C : OpenSSL and libsodium.

Uniblow is well tested. And it's simplicity allows a more stable code base, with a lot fewer bugs.

Its SeedWatcher option provides an "ephemeral" mode for your mnemonic. Combined with TailsOS, a secured in-memory short-lived system, your mnemonic is fully enclosed, out of reach for the hackers.


The refined and simple interface brings to you the minimum you need to perform the transactions, in a unprecedent effective and fast way.

A smaller code base means also the software is faster to react, even on a computer with limited resources.